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Mota Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea 150MG THC

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Feeling thirsty? This delicious refreshing cannabis-infused Iced tea consists of 150 mg THC to conquer that thirst, it is blended splendidly with citrus, tea flavors, and with a well-balanced splash of sugar to give it the taste iced tea should have. Mota’s iced tea is packed with a non-toxic silica gel packet to ensure no moisture is present when opening your cannabis-infused drink mix. Proudly made in Canada and Lab Tested. Also available in Hot Marshmallow Cocoa.

Mota Marshmallows Cocoa Drink Mix 150MG THC

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This deliciously cannabis-infused marshmallow cocoa drink mix containing 150mg THC is the perfect drink in your cup for those cool evenings or nighttime relaxation after a long day, it can be used with milk, diaries, or fats in order to bind with the infused THC to achieve the most effective to its fullest potential, Mota’s Cannabis cocoa drink mix is proudly made in Canada as well as Lab tested to ensure the highest quality. Also available in Iced Tea flavour.

Room 920 Iced Tea 1000MG Mushroom Drink Mix

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Nothing beats your thirst like good old traditional Iced tea, Room 920 presents to you a true natural mixture of iced tea and psilocybin measured-dose perfectly so you can enjoy a good reliable trip with euphoric properties. Each packet contains 1000mg of Amazonian Cubensis extracts that have been used in South America for decades and have been widely available to markets around the world for some time now. We also carry a Hot Chocolate drink mix as well!

Room 920 Mushroom Hot Chocolate 1000MG

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Enjoy another great product by Room 920, this Amazonian Cubensis mushroom-infused hot chocolate drink mix for those cool evenings or nighttime, carefully infused with 1000mg per packet to take you into the world of mushrooms while enjoying the hot chocolate flavor. Use milk, dairies, or facts to bind the psilocybin and activate its fullest potential. Don't forget to view other great products made by Room 920.